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Sign up for free in a few minutes to get new clients world wide, and to consult your clients through secured communication! No hidden fees, no membership or subscription fees, no bad surprises. LAWGATE is free now (more details in the Terms & Conditions).

Immediate payment of your services




Reach new clients world wide: they will find you with an easy and fast search.

Connect immediately: when you are available online, the clients can contact you by simply clicking on your profile.

Connect securely and privately: our video call and chat are secure and encrypted with state of the art technology.

Remote consultation: even with your existing clients you can advise online by video consultation, you don’t need to go to office and you can work comfortably, securely and safely from home.

Fair costs: LAWGATE is free of charge for the first year! After one year we’ll charge you 20 $ out of every 250$ that you earn from online consultations.

Get paid always and easily: we collect the payments from your clients for your online consultations and forward them to you via wire transfer or via Bitcoin.  No bureaucratic hassles and no risk to not get paid!

Your Advantages

We help you finding new clients and make it possible for you, to work easily and conveniently from home.

Look at your client straight in their eyes with our video call. Text chat and exchange files directly and securely.

Off The Record Communication

The communication between you and the client is secure and cannot be wire tapped. No one, other than you and your client, can participate in your communication.

We Care about Your Data​

Your data and exchaned information are in good hands. We are not one of those global mega corporations that thrive on exploiting their customers' data. We are independent and we strive to protect your and your clients' privacy.

Friendly customer support

We are delighted to give you all the support you might need to be successful with LAWGATE. If something doesn't go as smoothly as you expected, contact us immediatly and we'll help you gladly.

Always Get Paid

Before starting a consultation you will see if the client has enough funds to pay you. You can then decide to refuse or accept the client.

No Hidden Costs

After one year you will only pay a small fee for debt collection, in case of chargeable communication fees. There are no monthly fees or other nasty surprises.

Why LAWGATE? Because it's private, secure, fair and easy!

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How does LAWGATE work?

Sign Up

Sign up and fill out your profile. The more information you share, the more clients you will attract. If you are offering paid services, you must fill out the payment information, so we can forward you what you have earned from the consultations.

Profile Check

We will double check the quality of your profile and contact you for some suggestions if needed. If your profile is filled out properly, we will activate it. Then your profile will be visible to clients and they will be able to find and contact you.

E-mail Consultations

The clients can send you e-mails at any time by clicking on your activated profile. When you are online, clients can also video call you, or text chat with you.

Video and Chat Consultations

To receive video calls or text chat messages you must be online and available. Thus, if you want to be available for calls or text chat, login into LAWGATE and get available by clicking “accepting calls and/or chats”. If you are not logged in and available as described, you will only receive e-mails.  When you receive an incoming call, it will be displayed how much credit the client has. You can then either answer or reject the call.

Get Paid

Every time your honorary income from video calls and e-mails sums up to 250 $, we will forward you 230 $ minus bank charges (see terms & conditions for more details). You can receive the payments via wire transfer or Bitcoin.

LAWGATE in Detail

We help you to consult your clients worldwide securely and easily.

Encrypted Communication

Calls and text chats on LAWGATE are encrypted using state-of-the-art technology. This ensures that only you and your client participate in your communication.


Payment Safety

Your wire transfer data are handled with uttermost care and confidentiality. And you can be paid with Bitcoin too for more anonymity.


Attorney-Client Privilege Protection

Our system is designed to protect the attorney-client privilege. To the client we ask only for e-mail address, chat is Off-The-Record and the calls are End-To-End encrypted.


Data Protection

We process your data according to GDPR and we make sure that your personal data is safe, and you have full control over your data at all times. We will never sell your data to a third party. 

Sign up for free and consult your clients online from now on!

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Feel free to ask us any question about LAWGATE.

Who We Are

Where to Find Us

We are a team of Swiss entrepreneurs from the tech and legal fields, and we were fed up with how slow and tedious is to find a lawyer, especially abroad. We understand the demand for fast access to online legal services, regardless of your location and time of the day. Therefore, we founded LAWGATE in 2019. By connecting you instantly with competent lawyers we help you to get legal assistance everywhere and anytime.

Lawgate GmbH (LLC), Baumackerstrasse 24, 8050 Zurich, Switzerland