A quick dive into Swiss labor law

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As an employer, do I need to provide insurance, e.g. for loss of earnings due to sickness or accident of the employee? The social law in Switzerland states, that all employees are insured against accidents at work and occupational illness. If an employee works eight hours a week or more, additionally accidents that happen in private (non work-related) are covered as well by insurance. Special circumstances aside, the employee must… Read More »A quick dive into Swiss labor law

The Applicability of the Vienna Convention

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On the 28th of Mai 2019 the Federal Court of Switzerland made a decision in the field of international law. Subject of the ruling was, if the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG; the Vienna Convention) was applicable to purchase contracts between a public institute domiciled in Bale (Switzerland, hereinafter “the complainant”) and a Slovenian company (hereinafter “the opponent 1”) and its Swiss subsidiary (hereinafter… Read More »The Applicability of the Vienna Convention

Forum Running – Dispute of Competence

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In civil procedure law exists the principle that parallel ongoing proceedings must be avoided. For this purpose, civil procedure law awards a barrier effect towards a proceeding, that has been filed later elsewhere, but concerns the same matter. This will avoid two different rulings for the same matter. If a party is threatened by proceedings the party in question could be tempted to file a case in front of a… Read More »Forum Running – Dispute of Competence