51% attack – What it is all about?

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Introduction When you start out on your cryptocurrency journey, you most probably do some research on the internet.  You most probably will soon come across headlines such as “Bitcoin hacks” (1) or “Bitcoin attacks” (2). The most widely known attack is the so-called “51% attack”. Many articles, especially outside the cryptocurrency space, are describing the 51% attack in a way which triggers massive fear. Sometimes people ask themselves if that… Read More »51% attack – What it is all about?

Cyber crime on the internet part 2 of 2

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Introduction In recent years, cyber crime has risen sharply. It was therefore only a matter of time before the courts had to deal with central issues relating to cyber crime on the internet. Recently, the Swiss Federal Court had to judge two cases (see also part 1). The facts of these cases dealt with two different types of cyber crime. The second case: e-mail hacking This ruling (ruling 4A_9/2020 of… Read More »Cyber crime on the internet part 2 of 2

100 legal requests processed – Celebration time

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Today we have something to celebrate at LAWGATE. Although 2020 so far was a very difficult and extremely challenging year. We are sure many readers can relate to this. So the happier we are when something finally works out well. At time of publishing this article, we already processed over 100 legal requests. This only happened about 2 weeks after our soft-launch in early September 2020. It exceeded our projections… Read More »100 legal requests processed – Celebration time