Open a Swiss bank account

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Introduction If you open a Swiss bank account you will have to agree to the terms and conditions of the bank. Swiss banks have tons of common clauses that they use in their terms and conditions. One of them is the approval fiction clause. According to this clause the account holder is considered to have approved the monthly bank statement if he does not contest it within thirty days. This… Read More »Open a Swiss bank account

Cyber crime on the internet part 1 of 2

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Introduction Despite of all cyber crime on the internet, the Swiss banking system is one of the most important in the world. It enjoys a good reputation. This is based on the political and economic stability of Switzerland. It is no wonder that many bank clients entrust their money to Swiss banks. In recent years, cyber crime has risen sharply. It was therefore only a matter of time before the… Read More »Cyber crime on the internet part 1 of 2


How to get Bitcoin in Ethiopia?

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Do you ask yourself how to get Bitcoin in Ethiopia? As banking fees are very high for international payments and credit card are difficult. Luckily there is Bitcoin as an alternative way to step in. How can Bitcoin be bought in Ethiopia?The following three options are p2p marketplaces and have national payment options. National payment options are a great way to save fees. Paxful for Ethiopia Localcryptos for Ethiopia Localbitcoins… Read More »How to get Bitcoin in Ethiopia?

How to Open a Bank Account in Thailand?

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How hard is it to open a bank account in Thailand. Until a few years ago, this process used to be simple and did not take much time and effort. Times have changed definitely for the worse. This process, once simple and easy, is now hard and complicated.This change is the result of increase of regulation affecting the banking sector. Emerging issues are cross-border banking and serving of non resident… Read More »How to Open a Bank Account in Thailand?

How to accept bitcoin as merchant with BTCpayserver

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We at LAWGATE are constantly looking for increasing the customer experience and striving to achieve a high level of confidentiality of customer data. This also includes the payment process. By design, this is not possible with credit cards as they do not run without a third party and that is why we looked into how to accept Bitcoin. While ok for standard use cases, customers might be less eager to… Read More »How to accept bitcoin as merchant with BTCpayserver