November 2020

51% attack – What it is all about?

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Introduction When you start out on your cryptocurrency journey, you most probably do some research on the internet.  You most probably will soon come across headlines such as “Bitcoin hacks” (1) or “Bitcoin attacks” (2). The most widely known attack is the so-called “51% attack”. Many articles, especially outside the cryptocurrency space, are describing the 51% attack in a way which triggers massive fear. Sometimes people ask themselves if that… Read More »51% attack – What it is all about?

Open a Swiss bank account

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Introduction If you open a Swiss bank account you will have to agree to the terms and conditions of the bank. Swiss banks have tons of common clauses that they use in their terms and conditions. One of them is the approval fiction clause. According to this clause the account holder is considered to have approved the monthly bank statement if he does not contest it within thirty days. This… Read More »Open a Swiss bank account