October 2020

Cyber crime on the internet part 1 of 3

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Introduction Despite of all cyber crime on the internet, the Swiss banking system is one of the most important in the world. It enjoys a good reputation. This is based on the political and economic stability of Switzerland. It is no wonder that many bank clients entrust their money to Swiss banks. In recent years, cyber crime has risen sharply. It was therefore only a matter of time before the… Read More »Cyber crime on the internet part 1 of 3

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How to Get Free Legal Aid in Kenya

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As we already mentioned in our article about free legal aid in South Africa, getting legal support from attorneys is too expensive for many people. LAWGATE receives many requests for free legal aid from Kenya, therefore in this article we’ll tell you how to get free legal help in Kenya. Here is an overview of all the different ways to get legal services free of charge in Kenya. Pro Bono… Read More »How to Get Free Legal Aid in Kenya

Discrimination against homosexuals in Lithuania

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Ruling against Lithuania In 2020 the European Court of Justice dealt with a case of discrimination against homosexuals in Lithuania (Ruling Application no. 41288/15 of the 14th of January 2020). In the core, it concerned the duty of the state to protect persons from homophobic hate speech. The background of this case The Applicants were two young men. One of them published a photo on his Facebook page of them kissing.… Read More »Discrimination against homosexuals in Lithuania

Why a Written Contract Is Better Than a Verbal Agreement

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Who reading this has entered into a casual agreement with just a handshake or a nod of the head? For agreements on who is buying dinner or who gets to choose the movie of the night, those types of “contracts” are just fine. But for the contracts that are more formal and require an exchange of goods and services or hours and fees need something more than verbal yes and… Read More »Why a Written Contract Is Better Than a Verbal Agreement

Moving to Europe and Deportation to Nigeria

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Background story The European Court of Justice (hereinafter “the Court”) had to rule in on a case (Ruling 20200211_526_18 from 11th of February 2020). It was about a Nigerian national (hereinafter “the First Petitioner”) who was deported after moving to Switzerland. Other Petitioners were his wife, a Swiss national, and their three children, born in Switzerland. In 2008 the First Petitioner entered Switzerland under a false identity. He also filed… Read More »Moving to Europe and Deportation to Nigeria

Compulsory vaccination in times of Corona in Switzerland

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Vaccination against one parent’s will Recently, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court dealt with a child protection case (Ruling 5A_789/2019 of the 16th of June 2020). The court had to decide whether the father may vaccinate the child against measles without the mother’s consent. The court ruled that if the parents were at loggerheads, the competent authority must decide on this issue. In this case – the Court continued explaining –,… Read More »Compulsory vaccination in times of Corona in Switzerland