September 2020


How to get Bitcoin in Ethiopia?

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Do you ask yourself how to get Bitcoin in Ethiopia? As banking fees are very high for international payments and credit card are difficult. Luckily there is Bitcoin as an alternative way to step in. How can Bitcoin be bought in Ethiopia?The following three options are p2p marketplaces and have national payment options. National payment options are a great way to save fees. Paxful for Ethiopia Localcryptos for Ethiopia Localbitcoins… Read More »How to get Bitcoin in Ethiopia?

Free legal aid in Johannesburg, Cape Town and other SA cities

How to get free legal aid in South Africa

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Often it is very expensive to hire attorneys and many people are not able to pay. At LAWGATE we receive a lot of requests for free legal aid from South African clients, therefore in this article we tell you how to get free legal services in South Africa. There are various ways to get legal services free of charge in SA, here is our overview. Pro Bono Legal Services Pro… Read More »How to get free legal aid in South Africa

100 legal requests processed – Celebration time

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Today we have something to celebrate at LAWGATE. Although 2020 so far was a very difficult and extremely challenging year. We are sure many readers can relate to this. So the happier we are when something finally works out well. At time of publishing this article, we already processed over 100 legal requests. This only happened about 2 weeks after our soft-launch in early September 2020. It exceeded our projections… Read More »100 legal requests processed – Celebration time

A quick dive into Swiss labor law

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As an employer, do I need to provide insurance, e.g. for loss of earnings due to sickness or accident of the employee? The social law in Switzerland states, that all employees are insured against accidents at work and occupational illness. If an employee works eight hours a week or more, additionally accidents that happen in private (non work-related) are covered as well by insurance. Special circumstances aside, the employee must… Read More »A quick dive into Swiss labor law