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Free legal advice is not easy to find. In addition, the provider of legal services must be competent and experienced. If you search for free legal advice in the world wide web, innumerable results will appear. However, clicking on a search result often leads to some questionable websites. Even if you are able to find a trustworthy page, you will most likely have to click through a series of links. In the end, right before you think you finally will get an answer, you are asked to give your credit card information. Then, you either submit to the lordship of the unknown, or you need to go back to square one. 

At LAWGATE we spare you from all such obstacles and connect you with a lawyer within seconds: No credit card information, no links, no strings attached; you select the country where you need legal advice and you pick your lawyer – that’s all it needs. 

Our lawyers offer free initial advice. You can choose assistance through live video call, regular call, online counseling chat, or e-mail. Our online communication is based on an end-to-end encryption (known as “E2EE”) and prevents third parties to spy. This divides LAWGATE from countless other websites: Your anonymity is ensured. If you want to learn about topics beforehand and get a feel for the process, you can check out our blog like here.

After free initial consultation – and if desired, you may continue to use online legal advice via the LAWGATE platform with set lawyer. For this purpose, LAWGATE provides a strong protected payment system to pay your lawyer. The usage of our payment process is free of charges for you. You can choose between credit card payment and – for even more safety – bitcoin. 

Using our website consumers searching for online legal advice profit from a transparent lawyers’ directory. Furthermore, it allows you to compare lawyers in regard with special knowledge, experience and fees after free initial consultation. Especially at the time being of Coronavirus, using online legal advice through LAWGATE is a useful alternative, to get professional legal advice, without physical presence. Furthermore, we have a blog where you can read about a broad range of legal topics. Our blog is also listed on Feedspost: Top 100 Legal Blogs Every Lawyer and Law Student Must Follow in 2020

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