Moving to Thailand – Expats and Their Retirement Visa

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Not yet a very long ago even a short trip to Asia seemed to be a herculean task. The flights were expensive, contacting and finding an accommodation non-transparent and you had no idea where to begin planning. Everything changed. Visiting Thailand or Asia in general is so convenient, that it’s obvious to retire in an Asian country. 

There are various reasons to retire in Thailand: Maybe you have found a Thai girlfriend and want to get married. Or you are dating a Thai girl, which delights you and makes you happy. Or you just want to get out of your present life and experience something new. 

In any case, retiring in Thailand, buy property in Thailand, get a retirement visa, open a bank account in Thailand, expats cost of living, girlfriend problems – all these different aspects come along together. If you want to work in Thailand, more questions arise especially labor law or investments in Asia. Unfortunately, research in the internet is tiring and not reliable. Every member of an expat forum or a Thai visa forum (such as or seems to know it better. But in the end, nothing of this really helps you getting any further.

LAWGATE partnered up with lawyers who understand the needs of an expat. Our Thai lawyers provide you with a retirement or moving to Thailand “full service”. Having one professional handling everything makes it much simpler and saves you a lot of time and nerves. If you have a question, you have only one partner you need to ask, and he will help you comprehensive in the following.

The partners of LAWGATE can also provide you with further questions that come along often, especially when it comes having a family in Thailand, adoption and/or as well as divorce in Thailand or other Asian countries. Last but not least, they can give you reliable advice when it comes to legal risks with regard to transferring money to Thailand or buying property together with a Thai girlfriend or a Thai wife.

At LAWGATE you can list all the partner lawyers, read briefly about their special knowledge, their fees, and if you wish, get a first impression by videocall. Most of our lawyers give a free first consultation. In any other case, you pay by second and end the costs immediately by simply hanging up the phone. You can choose from small boutique lawyers to big law firms in Thailand such as Juslaws, whatever you feel comfortable with. In other words, we help to find the best lawyer for your special needs, and you decide, how much your consultation is worth to you.

If you are unsure, which lawyer to pick, feel free to contact us, since we know our lawyers personally and we are able to recommend them to you individually.

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