Icc Statistics of the Year 2018, 4th of August 2019

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This June the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) published the statistics of the year 2018. With 842 trials in 2018 the arbitral court set a new record in the number of registered new cases. Concerning the geographical origins, the filings in the year 2018 came from 135 countries with a total of 2’282 parties worldwide.

Noticeable was the increase of 25% of the number of parties coming from Central and West Asia, making a total of 12.1% worldwide. In particular, there was an increase of parties coming from the Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore.

Parties from the United States of America still account for the highest proportion with a number of 210 (9.2%) of the overall number of parties in the ICC Arbitration. 
Where, in 87% of the cases the parties included a choice-of-law clause in their contracts, the most selected law was English law (16% of the registered cases), closely followed by the laws of the United States of America (12% of the cases). In third place, Swiss and French law was selected for the applicable law (9% of the cases).

With regard to the place of arbitration, France was the most selected place in ICC arbitration (137 cases), followed by Switzerland (78 cases). Singapore remains the most chosen place of arbitration in Asia (27 cases).

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