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Wherever you are, the lawyers of LAWGATE are here for you. Find a lawyer anywhere in the world and have a consultation all day and all night either by video call, chat or e-mail.

Sign up for free in less than 1 minute to see available lawyers! No credit card required for sign up. No hidden fees, no subscription fees: you pay only the lawyer's rate, and many of our lawyers offer free online legal advice! Getting real tailored online legal advice is as easy as ordering a taxi ride with GrabTaxi.

Complete expense control

Fast AND without Appointment

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Find your lawyer worldwide with an easy and fast search.

Connect immediately, without appointment: just click on the lawyers that are online at that moment.

Connect securely and privately: our video call and chat are secure and encrypted with state-of-the-art technology.

Pay securely and anonimously: you can pay your lawyer with credit card.

Fair payment: you don’t need a retainer and you are in full control of the costs. You can stop the connection with the lawyer at any time. Our lawyers show their hourly rate clearly on their profile and LAWGATE does not charge you any extra costs.

Free online legal services: many of our lawyers offer free online legal advice.


Your Advantages

We facilitate and speed up finding a lawyer.

Choose your lawyer on LAWGATE and start a videocall and you are already sitting live in front of your lawyer. ​

Full Expense Control

You decide to the second how long you need consultation. By hanging up the phone, the consultation ends without further charges.​

No Appointment

Call your lawyer of choice on LAWGATE and get in touch personally within seconds. No appointment needed.

Ultra Fast Search

Find your lawyer immediately! Stop searching for hours in the internet. Use LAWGATE where you can sort lawyers by location and online presence.​


Profit from experienced lawyers and their special knowledge.​

No Hidden Costs

You pay only the lawyer's hourly rate. There are no additional costs, hidden fees, monthly fees or other nasty surprises.

Why LAWGATE? Because it's easy, fair and safe!

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How does LAWGATE work?

Sign Up

Sign up to LAWGATE to be able to search for lawyers. We will ask you only for a valid e-mail address.

Some lawyers offer free initial consultation, others set consultation fees as of first contact. To consult a lawyer who set consultation fees, you can add a credit card.


When you are logged in, go to the search page, choose a country and click on the search button. A list of available lawyers for that country will be displayed then. You will see where the lawyers are, what services they offer and their honorary.


You can send e-mails to lawyers by clicking the mail button in their profiles. When lawyers are online, you can get in touch with them also through video call or text chat. A green notification with the text “ONLINE” is shown in the profile of lawyers that are online at that moment.

LAWGATE in Detail

We help you find your lawyer worldwide safely, quickly and easily.

Encrypted Communication

Calls and text chats on LAWGATE are encrypted using state-of-the-art technology. This ensures that only you and your lawyer participate in your communication.


Credit Card & Payment Safety

We rely on Stripe, the best  platform for online payment processing. Your credit card details are not stored on our servers and remain safe.  


Quality Checked Lawyers

We run background checks on the lawyers that register on our platform. This ensures you having a successful and professional collaboration.


Data Protection

We process your data according to GDPR and we make sure that your personal data is safe, and you have full control over your data at all times. We will never sell your data to a third party. 

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We are a team of Swiss entrepreneurs from the tech and legal fields, and we were fed up with how slow and tedious is to find a lawyer, especially abroad. We understand the demand for fast access to online legal services, regardless of your location and time of the day. Therefore, we founded LAWGATE in 2019. By connecting you instantly with competent lawyers we help you to get legal assistance everywhere and anytime.

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